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Art is above us, and we are below, art describes us, not we it. 

                               But as above so below,and as below so above.


Art must die.



Like microbes on our skin

this way i can too under your feet live

to be reborn from your ass


"The only untruth"

 Shame is the only lie. The only dishonour is shame. 

There are as many truths as there are consciousnesses.


"Take your time, and rape us"

Turn your insecurities into sexual excitement, your fantasies into memories, your weak spots into paintings, the feeling of unsatisfaction into regurgitated food for my ego.  Regurgitated by your saliva, your own mouth. Give birth to your vagina once more through your anus, the first and last real love you will ever have. Putting illusions aside, only through the peculiar and personal approach to the theme of love. With no freedom, only gallows and whips of Love. Either by crawling with your porcelaine body or by breaking it, live one last time by your conditions. Next to you, death will look pale and a touch of happiness will dress the pain. Masturbate me inside you. Cannibalism is the beginning of the paradise (). 











"Forbid ()rt"

If one wihses to experience more authentic and more ()rt, one owes to forbid its' commercialization


"Victims of απτοτροπισμοs"

The asspaintings:

   Monitors and reportage (mostlye these artistic ones) are destroying the quality of the action. The spark of hope became a flash light and all problems suddenly seem solved. The Circle cannot be undone, but it compresses into a dot.  Society will not improve only by artists and spiritual people, but by cultivate people as children, and children as beasts.

When dusk comes, close your eyes and everything will become visible.



To criticize an Artist, is to criticize the drama of existence. With what kind of qualities are you able to do that?



"All and Nothing"

Art is not music, images, movements, happenings, feelings or thoughts. When we come to realise that, then perhaps we will be able be realized.


Notes and Reflections

We transform into refugees in a metaphorical as well as literal sense under a peculiar and at the same time important prism, in several and different phases in our life. Most of the time, in situations where we are not part of a conventional and moribund normality.
We are referred to our dual nature and are obliged to embrace it.
Understanding, at the same time, the unimportance of our sexual identity as a defining part of our substance.
The fluidity and universality of eroticism (as a basic factor in the formation of our psyche) and the human being should be treated with seriousness and awe.
Making an "appeal" to tenderness, freedom in substance and practice, acceptance and transmutation of libertarianism to spiritual growth and solidarity to ourselves and all, always with "absurdity", our spirit as a frame of reference. Perhaps an intuitive ode


"Οι Κωλογραφίες"

Art describes us, not we it. Art is above us, and as above, so below.